IMPACT & INFLUENCE: I am passionate about creating images that truly speak to viewers. Fashion imagery tells a story while also representing a brand or publication to their audience, and should cause the viewer to pause and truly feel or think.”

ART & INSPIRATION: My work reflects the influences of a background in fine art as well as an obsession with history and anthropology. My aesthetic tends to juxtapose modern with classic sensibilities while incorporating natural lighting whenever possible. I love utilizing imbalance as visual draw and lean toward bold, even blatant composition. I tend to allow unusual elements and natural shadowing to remain part of an image, while other photographers would see them as “problems” and work against them, I like to incorporate them. I am most inspired by the history in places, and the ripple effect caused by brave people.”

TEAM & CREW: I am selective in developing relationships with artists and creatives whom I respect and who constantly push themselves. The best creative team yields the best results. Part of what a photographer delivers is the expertise of their team and the ability to create as a unit. I refer my creative associates to clients because I know I can count on their performance and professionalism”.